Fun Photos Of Places I've Lived & Traveled To
(more coming soon....)

Random Shots Of Heather At Work

Working Vacation In Cairns Australia 2015

My Candy Company Machines 2005

Taiwan Factory Visit in 2016

Purchase Orders From Trip To Yiwu, China 2017

My Next Private Label Product?

Interview With The Owner Of Optionetics 2006

Life In Japan

It Is Such A Blessing To Live Here!

Changes In How I Work Since COVID 2020

The Early Stages Of Many Changes Since COVID-19 Changed Our World

Manual Labor - Back To My Roots 2019

A Small Part Of Helping My Mom Move From Her Apartment To Assisted Living
I Stripped The Carpet & Underlay Out Of This Apartment

SellerCon 2019

Another Live eCommerce Event In Vegas Where I Met Sara Blakely!

Date With Destiny 2019

Cairns, Australia 

Thailand 2019

Bankok, Phuket, Ranong, Koh Samui

A Couple Of Milestones 2018

Another Marathon 2018

E.T. Marathon, Nevada 

Italy 2018

Rome & Florence

Honolulu Marathon, Hawaii 2017

Kona & Waikiki

Working Trip To Yiwu China 2017

Yiwu, Beijing, Shanghai

Rock & Roll Marathon 2016

Las Vegas Strip, Night Marathon

I Heart Japan

An Amazing Place To Call Home For A While

Pre-COVID Work

Some Private Label Products Heather Brought To Market


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